About Us

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Hi There!

We are Wenting and Hua, the co-founders of Typogram. We are both based in New York City, building an easy-to-use design tool for entrepreneurs to design their logos and brand kits. We each are lucky to have relative success in our careers. We decide to quit our jobs to build Typogram. We did this because we are passionate about startup and design.

wenting and hua

How did we meet?

We met while attending a Design and Typography workshop in New York City. Since then, we have been working together as collaborators. Some of our past projects include Anicons, made in collaboration with Google Fonts.

Why are we building Typogram?

The idea for Typogram came from our experience as designers. We have friends who were building businesses. They didn’t have money to hire us and wanted to learn design and create their unique logos and branding. Professional tools were time-consuming to learn and didn’t teach them how to design. They need a simple design tool for beginners that allows them to create logos, learn the basics, and launch their businesses.

Our Plans for This Blog 

We want to share knowledge, tips and how-tos about design, branding and marketing in this blog, as well as document our startup journey. We’d love to keep in touch, feel free to drop us an email ([email protected]) or a note on Twitter.

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