Celebrating Pride Month: Colors of Rainbow in Branding

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Red often associates with words like energetic, liveliness, boldness, adventurous, excitement, or speed. It attracts attention more than any other.

  1. Coca-Cola: The iconic beverage company has a red logo and packaging, with the red color symbolizing excitement, energy, and refreshment.

  2. Target: The retail giant’s logo features a red bullseye.

  3. Netflix: The streaming service’s red “N” logo.

  4. Pinterest: The social media platform’s logo consists of a red “P.”

    Coca-Cola Logo


Orange is often associated with words like energetic, comfort, creativity, accessibility, and youthful. It offers positivism, sitting between the cheerfulness of yellow and the boldness of red.

  1. Nickelodeon: The children’s television network uses a bright orange color in its logo and branding, resonating with the playful and energetic nature of the channel.

  2. Home Depot: The home improvement retailer.

  3. SoundCloud: The music-sharing platform features an orange cloud logo.

  4. Fanta: The soda brand has an orange logo and packaging.

    Nickelodeon Logo


Yellow is often associated with words like happiness, lively, friendly, playful, and warmth. It creates an atmosphere of curiosity and optimism.

  1. McDonald’s: The iconic fast-food restaurant chain has a yellow “M” logo, known as the “Golden Arches.” The yellow color evokes feelings of happiness, aligning with the brand’s family-friendly image.

  2. Best Buy: The electronics retailer has a yellow price tag logo. 

  3. Nikon: The camera and imaging brand uses a yellow font for its logo. 

  4. IKEA: The Swedish furniture and home goods retailer has a blue and yellow logo.

McDonald’s Logo


Green is often associated with growth, freshness, health, and relaxation. It creates a sense of calm as it is abundant in nature.

  1. Starbucks: The global coffeehouse chain has a green logo featuring a siren. The green color evokes feelings of relaxation and environmental consciousness, reflecting the brand’s focus on sustainability.

  2. Spotify: The music streaming service. 

  3. Android: The operating system by Google has a green logo in the shape of a robot. 

Starbucks Logo


Blue is associated with security, trustworthiness, wisdom, and peacefulness. It generates a sense of security and reliability and is an appetite suppressant.

  1. Facebook: The social media platform. The choice of blue conveys a sense of trust, reliability, and communication, aligning with the brand’s mission to connect people.

  2. IBM: The technology and consulting corporation. 

  3. Ford: The automotive manufacturer. 

  4. Visa: The financial services company. 

Facebook Logo


Indigo is commonly associated with creativity, innovation, and intuition. It creates a sense of depth, sophistication, and mystery.

  1. Yahoo!: The web service provider. The color choice reflects the brand's approach to innovation and creativity in the digital space.

  2. Monster.com: The employment website.

  3. Cadbury: The chocolate and confectionery brand.

Yahoo  Logo


Violet is often associated with mystics and adventures. It generates excitement while striking a balance.

  1. Twitch: The live streaming platform. The color choice conveys a sense of creativity, innovation, and immersion, aligning with the brand’s focus on interactive entertainment and community building.

  2. Hallmark: The greeting card and gift company.  

  3. Avid: The media technology company. 

Twitch Logo

In honor of Pride Month, we have explored the fascinating world of color psychology and the significance of each color in the rainbow, and its meaning to branding. It is evident that each hue, including those beyond the colors we covered today, carries a unique message, tone, and emotion. Typogram offers an interactive experience for you to delve deeper into the brand psychology behind each hue value from 0° to 360°! 

As you continue to encounter these colors in branding, remember their deeper meanings and the sense of inclusion they represent. Happy Pride Month!

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