Our Founder Introduction Video

Hi there! I'm Wenting. I'm building Typogram, a beginner friendly logo design tool! ✨ Will I fail or succeed? Sign-up for my build-up-public newsletter to get the latest updates!

Initially, I hesitated and was going to wait to see if we get into the interview round. There should be at least a small win, allowing me to share learnings from the perspective of a successful applicant, I thought.

The humiliation of being rejected outright in public scares me. However, in reality, there isn’t anyone who is going to laugh at me. People often say social media is a filtered, beautified version of life that causes people insecurity. “Why is everyone so happy except me?” 

If I share only the wins, not the failure, I create a filtered version of our startup journey that could discourage other founders. Creating insecurity is not what building in public is about. I want to tell people that: 

  • Launching on Product Hunt and didn’t make it to the front page is normal, not necessarily a failure; 

  • Having 54 site visitors on launch day is nothing to be ashamed of but rather expected; 

  • Applying to YC for the first time and get accepted is fantastic, but most teams didn’t make it to the interview round.

Please check out our founder introduction video. Let me know how we can improve the intro video! We haven’t submitted our application yet; there is still time to make changes. Otherwise, good luck to us!

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