Thoughts on Time Management

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I envy people with good time management - getting up at 6 am, work out, read, work, and start the day with power. Getting up early is my dream, but I could never achieve that without ruining the whole day’s productivity.

Here is my struggle of a lifetime: should I push through and change to be an early riser or accept who I am - a night owl? I think early riser is more admirable, more productive, but is that true for everyone? I am most productive after dark; I get so much done at midnight. Becoming an early riser means I need to give up those productive hours, but I don’t get the “golden hours before breakfast” that early risers talk about in return. I felt muddy, uninspired at the beginning of the day.

Should I separate good time management skills from being an early riser? If I get up at 12 pm and go to sleep at 4 am, I am still awake for 16 hours of each day, equal to someone who gets up at 6 am and goes to bed at 10 pm. Should I pursue productivity of these hours, and disregard the fact one starts at 6 am and one at 12 pm?

Maybe you could tell that I am leaning toward certain answers in my heart when I ask these questions. What do you think of this subject? Are you a night owl? Do you accept that, or do you want to change to the other type?

I want to share a life hack for night owls out there: if I need to get up at a particular hour the next day, I program the vacuum robot to start running at that time. It works better than an alarm - its noise is both annoying and motivating.

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