How to Use Courgette: A Lovely Brushy Script for Marketing

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How to Use Courgette: A Lovely Brushy Script for Marketing


  • Font of the Week: Courgette
  • Design Idea of the Week: Olympic Mascots  
  • Color Inspiration of the Week: Painted Pastel
sample of Courgette
Sample of Courgette


Font of the Week 

About Courgette

Courgette is a brushy, italic script font perfect for your marketing needs. Compared to Oregano, a similar brush font we have covered in the past, Courgette has thicker strokes and feels more comforting and casual. Scripts like Courgette are found in local businesses like cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, and crafts and DIY items. The slant in this script makes it feel extra comforting and personable.

Courgette slant axis

Font Detail

  • One weight
  • Brushy and consistent stroke width
  • Slanted axis (right-leaning)
Courgette character set

Specific Usage Tips 

How to use Courgette for logo?

Courgette communicates warmth, artfulness, and creativity. It is comforting yet expressive. Courgette is perfect for brands looking to add a creative, comforting, DIY voice.

How to use Courgette for branding and marketing?

Courgette is a display font. It is not suitable for long paragraphs small sizes. It is perfect to pair with an illustration or on packaging in big font sizes to grab customers' attention. Courgette makes good pairings with sans serifs like Roboto.

Design Idea of the Week

Olympic Mascots  

The Beijing Winter Olympics had just ended, and its mascot, Bing Dwen Dwen, was hugely popular. People reportedly waited in line for five hours outside the store to buy one. Olympic mascots have always fascinated me because they represent the host city's culture and fuel interest in these intense and extravagant competitions. Enjoy this timeline of the last few Olympic Mascots. You can find more here.

olympic mascot
olympic Mascot

Color Inspiration of the Week

Painted Pastel

Pale Gray #D0D5D9 | Soft Grass #789569 | Soft Ice #C99697 | Faded Amethyst #C0D6D4
color Inspiration

Typography Jargon Buster


The part of a lowercase letter that goes above the top of the x-height.


Want more? check out the jargon buster glossary page.

Creative Prompt 

Create something with Courgette! 

Thank you

…for reading and hanging out here this week! Courgette is available here.

Courgette infographic

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