Reviewing Inter: A Versatile Font for Web and User Interface 

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How to Use Inter for Logo and Branding


  • Font of the Week: Inter
  • Color Inspiration: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
sample of Inter
Sample of Inter

Font of the Week 

About Inter

This week we share inter, a highly versatile neo-grotesque sans-serif font perfect for digital things like the web and apps. My favorite part about Inter is that it has features optimizing screen-based reading experience. For example, Inter’s lowercase letters have a tall x-height to aid the readability of sentences with mixed-cased texts. This makes Inter perfect for blogs, app interfaces, and even video screens. Information can be read quickly, with ease and clarity.

Font Details

  • Tall x-height in lowercase letters

  • Slashed zero 

  • Tabular numbers for data display 

  • Nine weights with italics


How to use Inter for logos?

Inter is a versatile font communicating with a neutral tone. The bolder weights, such as Medium, Semi Bold, and up are perfect for logos for brands looking to be objective and modern.

How to use Inter for marketing and branding?

Inter is perfect for blogs, newsletters, and user interfaces. Its design features optimize the reading experience, and its many weights can support complex information hierarchy to ensure good user experiences.

Inter being used for branding on a clothing brand website. source: goodgarms
Inter being used for branding on a clothing brand website. source: goodgarms

Color Inspiration of the Week

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This week, check out colors from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Typography Jargon Buster!

Display Font

Display fonts are often fonts with unrestrained, decorative details. They look more visually stimulating than restrained, simple fonts used for paragraph text. Display fonts are used at header sizes, grabbing people’s attention immediately. Many display fonts have poor readability in small sizes because of their more ornate shapes. Their font details get lost in small sizes, thus decreasing their legibility. 

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Creative Prompt 

Create something with Inter.

Thank you

…for reading and hanging out here this week! Inter is available here.



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