Learnings from Our Last Product Launch in 2023

Typogram's December 2023 launch

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Happy New Year! Recently, we launched the latest version of Typogram on Product Hunt. Our main goals for this launch were deliver our latest product before 2023 ends and experiment with our launch strategy. We want to devise a marketing plan to maximize our product growth during this launch period. Our solution was a month-long marketing campaign, with a product hunt launch as a culminating event. Now that the launch has ended, we want to share our tips and learnings for this launch in this post. 

Quick Stats for Launch Day 

Here are some quick stats for day of the launch:

  • Build in Public Newsletter subscriber + 10
  • + 262 registered users the week of the launch
  • 3 sales on the day of launch (with more sales before and after the launch during the sales window)
  • No.8 product of the day - Our peak position was No.2

Helpful Strategies 

No.1: Marketing Idea Bank

To help us quickly come up with things to share and promote during the weeks before launch, we create an idea bank for content. For each week, we identified a theme/ idea we wanted to share around our launch. We then searched our content library of relevant posts and visuals and developed them into tweets. This aimed to grow our newsletter subscribers and reach on Twitter.

By the end, we gained the most followers on Twitter. In comparison, the newsletter grew less in subscribers. This could be because Twitter’s algorithm deprioritizes tweets with links, especially Substack links. Looking back, the idea bank is a tool I will keep implementing because it makes marketing easy. Like most introverts, I struggle with finding things to say on social media, especially regarding sales and marketing. In the future, I want to develop an idea bank for every single marketing event. 

No.2: Running a month-long sale during the launch day

We previously ran a sale on the Product Hunt platform on launch day. This time, we ran two parallel sales – one on our own and one through a Lifetime Deals Facebook group. The price for the basic tier (our single-brand lifetime license ) was the same for both sales, and we ran both sales for about a month. Our (own) campaign performed well and generated several sales weeks before and after the launch. The promo at the Facebook group was interesting and gave us several paid customers who ordered multiple licenses. I will share more about our experience and learning with the LTD Facebook group channel in a separate post. 

Overall, running a sales campaign parallel to the launch was a good move. It helped us talk about our product a lot more. Next time, I want to experiment with a shorter sales window, like a two-week sale, rather than a monthly long sale, especially for the LTD group. 

Highlights from Launch

The launch day was a day full of ups and downs. The launch’s best part is seeing our community’s love and support, which can't be measured in numbers. Here are some top highlights.

No.1 – Tofu is loved

Throughout the launch, Tofu was liked and tweeted many times. Her face was seeing 11.4k times around Twitter. I think she may be a nano influencer now. 😁

Tofu working hard
Tofu working hard

No.2 – We got so much love on the launch day!

Our launch page on Product Hunt was flooded with love, helpful feedback, and suggestions. ❤️.

No.3 – We have the most passionate users

Check out Frank’s video reviewing Typogram!

Final Words 

We are so thankful to our users and community for supporting us thus far. We could not have gotten this far and released the latest version of our software without our users. Thanks again for being on this journey with us!

And if you feel like, check out the newest Typogram. We have recently launched our first AI feature for icon generation, along with many fantastic new updates. You can create a free account and try all our awesome features today.

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