Typogram Product Update: New Partnership

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How is Typogram development going?

We have been busy building our favorite logo design tool. Here are the features we have been working for August. Missed the previous updates? See June & July here.


Partnering up!

We are partnering up with the Type Founders and adding premium fonts our collections. My co-founder and I came from the font world, and the friends we made along the way got us where we are today with Typogram and further! We are officially partnering up with The Type Founders(TTF) and incorporating TTF's exhilarating library of fonts (they sparkle joy in me when I look at them). Featuring work from renowned font foundries in the likes of P22 Type Foundry, The Freight Collection, Laura Worthington Design, Mark Simonson Studio, and more, we will be seeing these exclusive premium fonts available in Typogram to design logos with them in the short future:

the type founders


More Editable Icons

We continue the work on the editable icons. This month, we are introducing icons with three style axis. Each axis can manipulate a specific visual part of the icon.

For example, the mountain icon can be manipulated using: Hill, Snow, and Ratio. Each of these controls the corresponding visual aspect of the mountain to allow manipulation.

editable icon, mountain
editable icon, heart

Heart icon is controlled by Ratio, pointiness and concavity. Through these three axis, you can manipulate the way heart looks.


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