Product Update No.15 : Multi-Lines Layout

Product Update No.15 : Multi-Line Layout

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How is Typogram development going?

Since our last update, we have been working on two highly requested features: multi-line logo layout and adding extra lines of text. We are also working on a special AI feature. All of these are available soon in the upcoming roll-out!

Upcoming: Multi-Lines Logo Layout

Ever wanted to create a stacked logo or a design splitting across multiple lines? You could accomplish this easily with our new logo layout feature. You’ll be able to add a line break to split your logo into a new line or remove line breaks to adjust your logo layout, creating layouts like a vertical or stacked design. When you get a creative idea, you want to get the ideas out of your head. We get that, so we took extra time to ensure it’s easy for you to control the details of the logo layout. You can play with line spacing and alignment and preview them easily with selected brand fonts. 

Multi-Lines logo layout feature 
Multi-Lines logo layout feature 

Upcoming: Adding Extra Lines of Text

Have a short tagline below the logo? Want to add a small text like a founding date, a structure like “LLC” or a category like “music”? Soon inside the logo editor, you can add extra lines to your logo, allowing you to create infinite additional logo variations of your brand. You can then design your brand new tagline logo in the logo editor. Change your mind? No problem – you can also remove the extra text element. This is one of the most popular feature requests we’ve gotten, and we can’t wait to have you try it in the app. 

Adding extra lines of text in our logo editor
Adding extra lines of text in our logo editor

Upcoming: Magic Fairy Dust — AI-Generated Icon

This is something special we’ve been preparing. We are adding AI to Typogram! We pride ourselves on being a tool that inspires curiosity and creativity instead of randomly generating results. Embracing AI as an enhancement, not a replacement, we took a cautious approach to adding AI to amplify creativity and innovation while staying true to our product’s original DNA and distinctly different from generated logos. We’ll share more about this exciting update soon! You can get a first look at our Product Hunt page on December 12th. Follow here for our launch.

Upcoming: Try Typogram as a Guest

We’ve been aiming to make Typogram easier to try. We are now inching closer to that goal by allowing anyone to play with Typogram as a guest without needing to sign-up. Anyone can try our beginner-friendly branding and logo design features directly without making an account. Progress is saved upon account creation.

our launch ambassador, Tofu
Our launch ambassador, Tofu

Hearing From You

We’d love to hear more of your thoughts if you have already tried the software. Please share them with us by directly replying to this email or filling out this very short feedback form. If you haven’t tried, we encourage you to create an account and use the Free Trial to play with the tool.

If you encounter any issues, please help us improve by reporting the issue from inside the app or directly through here. You can also chat with us via the chat window inside the app. We are online during the daytime in the EST time zone (and some night time too).

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