Typogram Product Update: Multiple Canvases

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How is Typogram development going?

Wenting and I just sent out a build in public update to our preorder customers about Typogram's development. We have been making a lot of progress, and doing a lot of work behind the scene. Going forward, I will report Typogram’s updates and new features monthly! Here are some feature rounds up from recent development of Typogram:

Recent Development of Typogram 


Multiple Canvases

Having options is good - when I design or write, I like to keep records of all the past versions. This is what the multiple canvases feature does - it allows you to save versions of your design to a new art board and keep editing them and developing them into new directions. Multiple canvases are handy to develop different ideas and compare them in the end. 

multiple canvas feature
multiple canvases allow you to save, edit, and compare your artwork


Our kerning feature allows you to adjust the space between letters and work on those design details in your logos. In design, kerning describes the space between a pair of letters. For logos especially, spaces between specific letter pairs need adjustments to look visually balanced. 

We support keyboard shortcuts to navigate between letter gaps and adjust them up and down using arrow keys. To discern the negative space between letters, sometimes it is better if we don’t read them as letters, instead we see them simply as shapes; that is why we add features to flip the letters upside down and highlight the gap with light blue color, to aid the kerning process. 

kerning feature allow you to adjust and fine tune spaces between letters

Hear from You

We are also working on our preparatory variable icon, looking forward to share more details about that soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of your June! If you have any questions, suggestion or feedback, feel free to share with me at [email protected]!

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