Direction of Future

Hi there! I'm Wenting. I'm building Typogram, a beginner friendly logo design tool! ✨ Will I fail or succeed? Sign-up for my build-up-public newsletter to get the latest updates!

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My most popular passion project had 30,000 site visitors on the launch day. In comparison, my newsletter had 54 visitors on the launch day. I was not dreaded seeing that, but instead, I said: “Most of my passion projects reach their peak on launch day. The startup is a long game. We never want the peak to come.”

This is the updated graph after five weeks; the launch day surge is below the everyday average now:

Typogram Direction of Future-2

I originally started the newsletter for my 30 Days of Starting Up challenge; next week will be the final week of the challenge. However, this is not the end but just the beginning! I plan to keep the newsletter going as long as I run my startup, changing it to weekly after next week. 

With the change to weekly, I am revamping the structure of the newsletter. The current daily newsletter is free-form, in which I covered a wide range of topics each day. I am curious to hear what you liked to read and what didn’t spike your interest? I categorize them into three main themes and list the articles of each theme:

  1. Startup thoughts, why and how I started, what I learned:

  2. Process demonstration, what I am building, and how I build it:

  3. Product domain (branding or tech) knowledge sharing:

You can take a quick glance of all past issues here. I would love to know what you think of the past issues. You can reply with just a number 1, 2, or 3 to suggest that is your favorite theme. If you can spare more details, that would be lovely too! Any insights on what you want to read in the weekly newsletter would be helpful!

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