How to Use Farro: A Modern Sans Serif With a Human Touch

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How to Use Farro: A Modern Sans Serif With a Human Touch


  • Font of the Week: Farro
  • Color Inspiration of the Week: Wild Lavender
img: sample of Farro
Sample of Farro

Font of the Week 

About Farro

Farro is humanist sans serif mixing calligraphy and modern influences. Its strokes slightly flare out at the end, almost like bellbottom jeans. This characteristic makes the font tone more conversational, casual and welcoming to the eye. It's common to see fonts like Farro used as marketing and signage for events and local businesses.

The letter details in Farro confirm this relaxed tone. Though Farro is Humanist Sans Serif, it has a modern-looking, single-story g to showcase its business-casual attitude.

Font Detail

  • Shallow, single-story “g”
  • The letter strokes are thicker, giving Farro a bold appearance
  • Four weights in regular 

Specific Usage Tips 

How to use Farro for logo?

Farro is excellent for logos that want to appear formal but with a hint of casualness. It is perfect for projects in traditional topics or spaces, like investing or publishing, with a modern twist or unique angle.

How to use Farro for marketing and branding?

Though Farro has relatively good readability, it works better as a display font because of its visual quirks. Try using Farro at large sizes for call-out copies on your projects.

Color Inspiration

Wild Lavender

Soft Blue #C99697|Pidgeon #D0D5D9|Moss #809B7A|Lavender #ADA1B9
color palette

Typography Jargon Buster


The part of a lowercase letter that goes below the baseline.

jargon buster

Want more? check out the jargon buster glossary page.

Creative Prompt 

Create something with Farro! 

Thank you

…for reading and hanging out here this week! Farro is available here.

font infographic

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