Reviewing PicNic: A Striking Visual Display Font Inspired by Water

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How to Use PicNic for Logo, Branding & More


Sample of PicNic

Font of the Week 

About PicNic

If you need a visual display font, look no further than PicNic, an extremely graphic font creating interesting particle-like visual movements. PicNic is inspired by the way water droplets move on an oilcloth. A similarly styled font we have introduced past is Pilowlava. Like Pilowlava, PicNic has a similar fluid visual rhythm but is much more readable.

PicNic(top) is more readable than Pilowlava
PicNic(top) is more readable than Pilowlava

Font Details

  • Swirl, particle-like visual effect
  • Slanted, bouncy letters
  • One weight

How to use PicNic for logo?

PicNic is perfect for creating funky logos for creative projects. Most of its letters are eye-catching and legible in small sizes.

How to use PicNic for marketing and branding?

PicNic is perfect for creative or artistic projects. The movement created by the letters’ droplet shapes communicates a super eye-catching funkiness. Due to its unique visual texture, it is best used sparingly as a display font in large font sizes.

the letters of PicNic appear bouncy compared to more “standard” sans serif
the letters of PicNic appear bouncy compared to more “standard” sans serif
Character set of PicNic
Character set of PicNic

Design Idea of the Week

4 Emotional Benefits of a Consistent Creative Habit

What if chronic anxiety is our brain signaling to us we are not spending our energy the way we should? This week, learn more about the benefits of having consistent creative habits and the Ikea effect: lasting excitement tends to come from things we proactively and creatively invest in.

Color Inspiration of the Week

Fall in Switzerland

This week, enjoy this fall color palette from Horgenberg, Horgen, Switzerland.

Carrot #F05805|Pumpkin #D58F28 | Moss #73743C | Limeade #C7BF6D
color inspiration

Typography Jargon Buster!

Font Weight

Font weight is the overall thickness of the character relative to their height. Font weight can come in Thin, Light, Regular, Roman, Medium, Semi-Bold, Bold, Black, and Ultra Black. Thin is usually the lightest weight, while Ultra Black is the heaviest. 

Creative Prompt 

Create something with PicNic!

Thank you

…for reading and hanging out here this week! PicNic is available here.



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