Reviewing Prompt: A Wide Font Perfect For Fashion & Editorial Brands

Reviewing Prompt: A Wide Font Perfect For Fashion & Editorial Brands

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How to Use Prompt for Logo and Branding

  • Font of the Week: Prompt
  • Design idea of the Week: AI for Interior Design?
  • Color Inspiration of the Week: Horgen, Switzerland
Sample of Prompt
Sample of Prompt


Font of the Week 

About Prompt 

This week, I discovered a great sans serif, Prompt. Prompt, consisting of Latin and Non-Latin characters, was initially designed to work with Non-Latin, loopless Thai Alphabets –– a more modernized, simplified version of traditional Thai alphabets.

On loops and Latinisation | The Fontpad
Source: the Fontpad

With this consideration in mind, Prompt is designed with wider letter width and enlarged negative spaces in its counter shapes to balance its Thai alphabet counterparts. These design features also make the font look modern and stylish. Wider sans serifs have been popular with fashion blogs and editorial lookbooks.

Font Details

  • Wide letter width 

  • Enlarged negative space 

  • Eight weights with italic versions

Prompt is much wider than Helvetica
Prompt is much wider than Helvetica

How to use Prompt for logo?

Prompt is perfect for creative projects, editorials, and fashion blogs. The wide sans-serif letters feel stylish and contemporary. The bolder weights, like Medium, Bold, and Extra Bold, are perfect for logos.

How to use Prompt for marketing and branding?

Because of Prompt’s wide letter width, it is perfect to use as a display font for headers and subheads. Because the letters are wider and take more horizontal space, Prompt is great for graphics with short pullout quotes or display copies. It can also be used for reading text. Pairing with a similar, but less wide font, like Roboto could work better for a reading font.

Weights and italic versions of Prompt
Weights and italic versions of Prompt
Art magazine, like using prompt
Art magazine, like using prompt

AI for Interior Design?

While AI is still far from completely taking over human creativity, here is a fun little tool that uses AI to generate interior design ideas for your room.

Color Inspiration of the Week

Horgen, Switzerland

This week, check out amazing colors from Horgen, Switzerland.

Dark Orange #E04C12|Coral #F79E05 |Celery #ADAF41 | Olive #4A4C2D

Typography Jargon Buster!


Serifs are letterforms with small lines or strokes, or “serifs,” attached at the end of larger strokes. Serifs originated from inscriptional lettering: Words were first painted with a brush, then carved into stones in Roman antiquity. Serifs are classified into several smaller categories: Old Style, Transitional, Modern, and Slab Serif.

Serif and Sans Serif

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Creative Prompt 

Create something with Prompt.

Thank you

…for reading and hanging out here this week! Prompt is available here.



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