How to Use Rubik: A Versatile Font for Blog or Marketing 

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How to Use Rubik for Logo, Branding & More


sample of Rubik
sample of Rubik

Font of the Week 

About Rubik

Rubik is a humanist sans serif with a neutral tone and minimal calligraphic details. Its slightly rounded corners make it inviting to read, but it is minimal enough to blend into the background. Compared to Nunito, a similar font we covered previously, Rubik is much more neutral and toned down.

Designers have loved how Rubik looks and created additional graphic variations for display purposes. This means you have options with Rubik: you can use the more neutral sans serif for text and more graphic variations for marketing design.  

My favorite one is the Rubik Glitch, which is Rubik designed with a glitch motion. I think Rubik Glitch is an exciting option for videos or animated gifs. Rubik Paddles and Rubik Microbe are attention-catching with their illustrative details.

Font Details 

  • Rounded corners
  • Six weights with italic versions
  • Graphic display versions 
Rounded stroke caps 
Rounded stroke caps 
Weights and styles of Rubik


How to use Rubik for logos?

Rubik has a neutral tone perfect for logos. The bolder versions, like Medium, Bold, and Extra Bold work best since they are more readable in smaller sizes. The graphic display versions of Rubik can also work for logos as long as the visual details don’t get lost or become distracting for readability.

How to use Rubik for Branding and Marketing?

Rubik has six weights with italic versions, making it perfect for blogs and projects requiring a robust typography system. Graphic versions of Rubik are excellent for marketing graphics and display purposes because of their dashing and fun visual details.

Rubik as the web font for a craft beer brand. Source: FontsInUse

Design Idea of the Week

Instagram's Immersive Feed…Verdict? 

Remember we previously talked about Instagram? A significant part of the rebrand focused on “community-centric” layouts (cue: vertical formats). Instagram expressed interest in reworking its feed and has been pushing out a prototype similar to Tiktok to users. This weekend, I finally came across an article with insights and reactions from these test users. The title was pretty telling. Check it out here.

Color Inspiration of the Week

Summer Nights

This week, enjoy this summer night color palette! 

color inspo

Creative Prompt of the Week

Create something with Rubik!

Thank you

…for reading and hanging out here this week! Rubik is available here.

color inspo

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