Why Can't I Change My Brand Name?

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Why Can't I Change My Brand Name?

When you start a project in Typogram, you must enter your brand name. Once you have entered your brand name, you can no longer update the name from your end. 

This is because the license you purchase from Typogram is a lifetime brand license. You can edit your brand, making iterations and edits to your designs, free inside our app. We enforce the lifetime brand license by locking the brand name, so one license is truly,  for one brand.

I still want to change my brand name. What should I do?

Because we lock the brand name for the lifetime brand license, you cannot edit the brand name on your own and will have to contact us for a name change. You can email customer support directly at [email protected], or contact us through the chat widget inside the app. We usually will respond within 24 hours.

Use the in-app chat widget for assistance

I just want to add an icon next to my brand name. How can I do that?

Right now, this still needs to be done manually by contacting us, though we are working on a solution. Please email customer support directly at [email protected] or drop us a line in the chat widget.