Design Your Unique Branding With Our Curated Learning Materials 

Hi there! We just publically launched our app, Typogram, an easy to use logo design tool for absolute beginners! You can check it out by creating a free account.✨ If you want to stay in touch, sign-up for our build-up-public newsletter updates where I share what I'm working on!

If you are new to branding and designing, fear not. Every step inside the Typogram app includes learning materials to help you with design and branding. Many customers mention the learning materials inside our app are their favorite feature of the app.


Where to Find Typogram's Learning Materials?


The learning materials are located at the top of each section inside the app. Clicking the expand icon will take you to a new page with how-to-design learning material specific to that section. Our learning materials contain design knowledge guiding you in making creative or design decisions for your brand. For example, the Brand Personality section helps you understand the concept of a brand personality and how it can help your brand stand out. The Distinctive Logo Section covers our logo design methods and suggests how-tos, design ideas, and inspirations for designing your logo in the logo editor. 

If you are ever feeling stuck, check out our in-app learning materials for design knowledge, inspiration, and ideas on designing your brand!

learning material inside the app

Learning material inside the app