Reviewing Fredoka One:  Round Sans Serif With a Friendly Tone

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How to Use Fredoka One for Logo, Branding & More

  • Font of the Week: Fredoka One
  • Design Idea of the Week: Unicode
  • Color Inspiration of the Week: Holiday Pine 
Sample of Fredoka One 
Sample of Fredoka One 

Font of the Week

Fredoka One Overview

For letters with rounded caps, we have covered Nunito and Dosis. Today, we’ll meet Fredoka One. Fredoka One is an ultra-bold and round sans serif that speaks to a sense of cheerfulness and bounciness. Compared to these two fonts, Fredoka one is much heavier in font-weight and more cheerful. Its joyful voice reminds you of fonts that you see in children’s books, child products, or sweet and “cheery” food brands like Dunkin Donuts. 

Dunkin Donuts is a branding that uses round letters in their font
Dunkin Donuts is a branding that uses round letters in their font; source: Dunkin

Font Details 

  • Extra bold stroke width and rounded caps
  • Only available in one weight
font detail
Font detail - extra bold stroke width and rounded caps
Fredoka One only has one weight
Fredoka One only has one weight

How to use Fredoka One for logo? 

Fredoka One is a good logo font. It is bold enough to view in small size without the shapes, especially the counter spaces, like the small spaces inside the“e,” breaking down. It communicates cheerfulness. Its thickness makes this font extra inviting to read. A bonus tip: increase letter spacing to help the letters become more legible and visually pleasing. 

How do I use Fredoka One for marketing and branding?

Fredoka One is playful and eye-catching for branding and marketing while inviting to audience. It is best to be used sparsely and for attention-grabbing copies. It is perfect for Social posts, wrapping paper, t-shirts, and showpieces graphics. Since Fredoka One is a display font, it is not suitable for body text. Its boldness comes across as bulky and not reading-friendly in paragraphs at the reading size. 

Fredoka One in use on a cookbook “Cook without Gluten for Children”, source: FontsInUse
Fredoka One in use on a cookbook “Cook without Gluten for Children”, source: FontsInUse
Fredoka One looks very bulky in paragraph text
Fredoka One looks very bulky in paragraph text


Design Idea of the Week

Emojis Usage Trend

This week I was delighted to discover Jennifer Daniel's newsletter about Emojis and  Unicode Consortium, a nonprofit organization responsible for digitizing the world’s languages and maintaining them.

In this post, she talked about which emoji gets the most used and which the least in 2021, and guess what? My favorite, "Tears of Joy" isn't dead! (Apparently, this emoji is what divides Millennials and GenZ according to GenZ Tiktokers).

Another thing that surprised me is the least usage of country flags, which I thought sports fans would totally use like crazy. This article was a fabulous read and really made me think of how people communicate.

Color Inspiration of the Week

Holiday Pine

This week, please enjoy the colors of pine cones! 

Tree Truck #693B2C | Plan Beige #D0967B | Seaweed #2D3329 | Soft Mint #93AC96
holiday pine cones
Fresh pines


Typography Jargon Buster!

Cap Height

The height of capital letters from the baseline.

cap height of the font
Cap height of the font


Creative Prompt

Can you create a holiday card with Fredoka One? 

Thank you!

Thanks for being here for another week. Fredoka One is available here.  

Fredoka One infographic
Fredoka One infographic


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