Reviewing Antic: A Fantastic Font with Neutral Tone

antic font

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How to Use Antic for Logo and Branding


Font of the Week

About Antic

If you are looking for a beautiful sans-serif, look no further than Antic. Antic is inspired by calligraphy, and the strokes contrast between thick and thin are small. Overall, Antic gives off an organic and relaxed tone.

Font Details 

  • Small stroke contrast 

  • One weight and one style 

  • Large open counters

comparing fonts with large open-counters
antic full character sets

How to use Antic for Logo?

Antic is perfect for a logo. Its large open counters create a neutral but relaxed tone. Though Antics only has one weight, the strokes are thick enough to create a legible and memorable logo.

How to use Antic for Branding and Marketing?

Antics is designed to be a reading font and looks beautiful in paragraphs, comforting to the eye. The counter (explained in our Typography Jargon Buster section this week ) in letters are large, making the shapes of letters very apparent and legible and easy to read. It is a great reading font for your blog posts and newsletters. Antic pairs well with serif typefaces, like Bitter.

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Design Idea of the Week

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Color Inspiration of the Week

Hokkaido Crane

This week, enjoy this beautiful crane found in Hokkaido, Japan.



Typography Jargon Buster!


A counter is an unfilled (white or negative) space partially or entirely closed by other parts of the letters. For example, lowercase “b” and uppercase “U” both have counters. The stroke creating a counter shape is known as a “bowl.” There are two types of counter spaces: open and closed. An open counter means the unfilled space is partially closed, like “U.” A closed counter happens when the unfilled space is completely sealed, like “b.” 


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Creative Prompt

Create something with Antic!

Thank you

…for reading and hanging out here this week! Here is Antic.

antic infographic


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