Reviewing BioRhyme: An Quirky Wide Font For Headlines

BioRhyme wide font

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How to Use BioRyhme for Logo and Branding


Sample of BioRhyme.

Font of the Week 

About BioRhyme

If you are looking for a font with a beautiful organic shape, look no further than BioRhyme. BioRhyme is a slab serif with graceful curvy details that are rare in a slab serif font. These curvy elements, like the curves in the tails of the uppercase “R” and the strokes in the lowercase “z,” make BioRhyme looks extra elegant and inviting to the audience.

Font Details

  • Available in regular and extended width 

  • Curvy elements 

  • Each width has five weights with no italic styles

curvy elements in BioRhyme
Curvy elements in BioRhyme
Upper and lowercase letters in BioRhyme. source: aoifemooney
Upper and lowercase letters in BioRhyme. source: aoifemooney
weight and italic of BioRhyme
Weight and italic of BioRhyme

How to use BioRhyme for logo?

Both widths of BioRhyme, at heavier weights, like bold and semibold, are great for logos. My favorite is BioRhyme extended because it is extra attention-catching and elegant.

How to use BioRhyme for marketing and branding?

BioRhyme comes in two font widths: regular and extended. Regular is the more standard letter width, which is great for headers, whereas extended width is much wider and perfect for making attention-grabbing bold copy statements.

regular vs extended BioRhyme
Regular vs extended BioRhyme

Design Idea of the Week

Typogram Launch! 

We finally launched our little logo design tool. You can now create a free account to try out our features! One of our proudest features is the icon swap. Choose a letter or a partial shape within a letter, and then click on “Swap with Icon” to experience the magic. And we currently support three types of icons: 

  • Editable icons: A Typogram specialty, designed and developed in-house and exclusive to our app.

  • Regular icons: Large and searchable sets of traditional icons

  • Bring your own icon: We support bringing your own icon via SVG code, adding flexibility. (Note: the icon should have filled path)

icon-swap in Typogram
Icon-swap in Typogram

Color Inspiration of the Week

Oslo, Norway

This week, Enjoy colors from Oslo, Norway.

Baby Blue #B2D3E2 | Alloy Orange #C68B3D | Basil #A5BB67 | Wood #846B5F
Oslo, Norway
source: unsplash

Typography Jargon Buster!

Serif Typeface 

Serif typefaces are letterforms with small lines or strokes, or “serifs,” attached at the end of larger strokes. Serif typefaces originated from inscriptional lettering: Words were first painted with a brush, then carved into stones in Roman antiquity. Serifs are classified into several smaller categories: Old Style, Transitional, Modern, and Slab Serif.

serif versus serif
Serif versus Sans Serif
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Creative Prompt 

Create something with BioRhyme.

Thank you

…for reading and hanging out here this week! Check out BioRhyme.

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