How to Use Libre Franklin: A Friendly Sans Serif Font for Your Tech Brands

Libre Franklin cover

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How to Use Libre Franklin for Logo, Branding & More


 Sample of Libre Franklin

Font of the Week 

About Libre Franklin

sans serif is a letterform without the little feet ("serif") at strokes' ends. Sans serifs typically appear bolder than serifs because they have less thick and thin in their strokes. Their bold appearances make them better suited for screen purposes while also giving off vibes of edgy and new. Fashion brands love sans serif for this reason.

Supreme Branding; credit:

Libre Franklin belongs to a category of sans serif called humanist sans serif, which takes inspiration from traditional calligraphy. Look closely, and you will find that Libre Franklin has a very slight variance in its strokes, reminding us of a soft calligraphic touch. Because it reminds us of calligraphy, humanist sans serif is often perceived as less edgy, and more friendly than other sans serif types. Many brands, such as Glossier, love these sans serif due to the warmth they offer. ​

Glossier Branding; credit:

Font Details

  • Calligraphic details like double-story, lowercase “g”
  • Nine weights with regular and italic
A Double Story ‘g’ is also Characteristic of Calligraphic Influence 
Different weights of Libre Franklin

How to use Libre Franklin for Logo?

Libre Franklin comes across as friendly. If your brand is looking for a warm and inviting tone, give Libre Franklin a try. However, don't use thin, extra light, or light for small size texts. It can be tough to see.

How to use Libre Franklin for Marketing and Branding?

Bolder versions are great for social media. Combining different weights can be perfect for information-dense projects like apps, blogs, and landing pages. If you have a more complex project, we also featured Public Sans, an improved version of libre Franklin for more optimized readability.  

Design Idea of the Week

Symbols to Copy   

Last week, we launched Symbols to Copy, a simple mini tool to help you type out the difficult symbols like curly quotes (“) and pi (π). You can simply search the difficult to type symbols and copy them to the clipboard.

Color Inspiration of the Week

Start of Summer 

This week, enjoy this wonderful summer color palette from the paint Skiffs, by Gustave Caillebotte.

Sky #C5D7EB | Sage #A8B4A4 | Laguna #EFD18E | Coral #E8907C

Jargon Buster


Typography is the art of arranging pieces of text via typefaces to make information legible, readable, and pleasing to the eye. Typography is more important than ever because information today is more readily available. Typography shapes language and helps us communicate a clear message. 

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Creative Prompt 

Create something with Libre Franklin

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…for reading and hanging out here this week! Libre Franklin is available here.

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