How to Use Abril Fatface: The Perfect Font for Fashion and Editorial

Abril Fatface Display Font

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How to Use Abril Fatface for Logo and Branding

  • Font of the Week:  Abril Fatface

  • Design Idea of the Week: Revamping the Design Section

  • Color Inspiration of the Week: Fall Leaves 

samples of Abril Fatface
samples of Abril Fatface

Font of the Week

Abril Fatface

If you want to incorporate elegance and drama, consider using Abril Fatface for your next project. 

What is a fat face letterform?

A funny name, a fat face is a modern serif (large stroke contrast) with a bold design (very thick strokes) that usually consists of extreme stroke contrast. These were popular for advertising posters, becoming the “first real display typeface” to sell products and attract attention. 

Abril Fatface, in particular, is inspired by posters found in 19th-century Britain and France. However, it is a much more contemporary interpretation with updates, making it a fantastic font for display on your blog and graphic projects. It is part of the Abril font family, with more reading-friendly versions.

Font Details 

  • Extreme stroke contrast perfect for display and getting attention

  • More text reading fonts available in the Abril family 

font details of Abril Fatface
font details of Abril Fatface

How to use Abril Fatface for logo? 

When you use Abril Fatface for logos, watch out for its stroke contrast. Its significant stroke contrast could break down when used in smaller sizes, lowering readability. Make sure your logo is legible. 

How to use Abril Fatface for marketing? 

Abril Fatface is perfect for blog headers, landing pages, and graphics. It’s extreme, visually stimulating stroke contrast is loud and demands attention. 

Check out Abril Fatface in Typogram

Color Inspiration of the Week 

This week, enjoy warm colors from fall leaves.

Design Idea of the Week

Revamping the Design Section 

Recently, I have been interested in making guides and infographics based on the design and typography knowledge we share here. I want these graphics to be fun, easy to understand, and informative for beginners.

I am kicking off this revamp with this funny graphic I made recently on what is a sans serif. Let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions!

source: typogram

Typography Jargon Buster 

Stem? Arm? Leg?

Sometimes we hear terms specific to font details of a letterform. In this post, we go over some of the font details you encounter.

source: typogram

Creative Prompt 

Create something with Abril Fatface.

Thank you

…for reading and hanging out here this week! Abril Fatface is available here.

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