Reviewing Victor Mono: A Fantastic Font For Coding and Branding

victor mono

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How to Use Victor Mono for Logo, Branding & More


  • Font of the Week: Victor Mono

  • Design idea of the Week: Paper Airplane Database

  • Color Inspiration of the Week: Montreal Botanical Garden

Sample of Victor Mono
Sample of Victor Mono

About Monospaced Fonts

In the past, we have reviewed several awesome monospaced fonts. Some are a part of an extensive font family (like PlexSpace Mono), some standing firm on their own (like Xanh Mono).

Most fonts are proportional, and each character takes as much width as it needs. Monospaced fonts are fixed width: all characters have the same letter width and occupy the same horizontal space. They originated from the world of typewriters, computers, and terminal interfaces. 

Though rooted in tech, monospaced fonts do not have to be bound to editors and technical environments. Many brands now use them for fashion and branding because monospaced fonts bring feelings of care, and some are more than practical. They are high contrast, striking, and demanding full attention. (Xanh Mono again.)

About Victor Mono

Today we introduce another monospaced font with many characters, Victor Mono. The unique thing about Victor Mono? A distinctive, cursive-influenced italic that looks fantastic next to its monospaced sans serifs. 

It is an awesome coding font with room to explore for branding and marketing purposes as well.

Font Detail

Short descenders and ascenders with large x-height
Victor mono italic

Specific Usage Tips 

How to use Victor Mono for logos?

Victor Mono has a neutral tone with a personal touch. The large x-height makes the font feel open and inviting. Medium, Bold and Semi-bold weights are perfect for logos. The cursive italic can add a personal touch, but make sure the letters are legible. 

How to use Victor Mono for Marketing? 

Victor Mono is a reasonably versatile font for marketing. The italic looks excellent next to the sans serif. It is both graphical and practical, useful for tech materials or educational programming blogs.

As a coding font, Victor Mono takes inspiration from cursive-style letterforms to create true italics that make keywords and comments stand out. Another bonus about Victor Mono is that it has programming ligatures that make things like arrow, “=>” easy. 

Victor Mono as a coding font
Victor Mono as a coding font
Victor mono weight

Design Idea of the Week

Database of Paper Airplane Designs

Steve Jobs once said, “Design isn’t just what it looks like and feels like — design is how it works.” What better illustrates the connections between design and function than a simple paper airplane? Check out this database of paper airplane designs.

Color Idea of the Week

Montreal Botanical Garden

This week, enjoy this beautiful color palette from Montreal Botanical Garden!
Navy #996B39 | Olive #605E32 | Cornflower #6E7C5E | Granny Smith #82A9D2

color inspo

Jargon Buster! 


A font is the digital, graphic representation of a typeface. It includes the particular size, weight, and style of a typeface that makes up the displayable set of characters. Nowadays, Fonts and typefaces are often used interchangeably. 

font vs typeface

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Creative Prompt

Create a social media post with Victor Mono!

You Made It!

Victor Mono is available to download here.

Victor mono info

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